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O.k. So Jason Newsted is no longer in Metallica but he is now in Voivod and Ozzy so he is definately still making kick ass music. Jason is one of my idols and I have always noticed that many Metallica gear site's have insufficient or just plain wrong info on his stuff so being a Bass guitar enthusiast myself, I have decided to make my own page complete with pictures and any info I know on his stuff.


From An interview in 1992:

Q: Do you collect guitars?

Jason: Oh yeah. Vintage guitars. I'm up to 130 as we speak. The guitars have taken over my house. About 90 basses and 40 guitars.


From another interview in 1997:

Q: You owned 70 basses the last time we talked, in 1991. How big is your collection at this point?

Jason: [Pauses.] It's a little out of hand [laughs].


 This is my humble attempt at covering as much of Jason's collection as possible. Remeber that this is a work in progress and not every bass is up yet. I do have more work to do :)  Enjoy

Jason's Basses

My website on Jason Newsted's basses and gear has become very large and by popular demand I have split everything up into different pages and eras so that loading time can be reduced (70 pictures on one page can take a while to load). So this is the new layout. Click on the section/era that you would like to view and you will be magically taken there : )


Pre-Metallica Era (Flotsam and Jetsam/Dogz)

Master of Puppets - Garage Days Revisited Era

Jason's Alembics (Justice - Black Era)

Justice - Black Era (Other basses)

Jason's Sadowskys (Load - Present)

Load - Present Era (other basses)

Jason With Guitars

Jason's Racks and Effects

Jason's Amps

Picture credits, where appropriate, are given



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